What mōtus is.

Noun (Latin)

mōtus (genitive mōtūs);

  1. movement, motion.

  2. by extension - An advance, progress.

  3. figuratively - A movement, operation, impulse, passion; disturbance.

  4. figuratively - A movement, tumult, commotion, revolt, rebellion.

mōtus = movement

mōtus is the most current evolution of my fitness coaching system that has evolved over the last 20+ years.


Comprised of four main components Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Recovery this system is centered around the implementation of simple daily action items that add up to real, long term, sustainable results.

I stumbled on the combination of these components through my own issues dealing with yo-yo-ing weight, body image, food issues, and self confidence.

As a fitness professional I used to try to hide my imperfections because I felt I needed to portray this perfect picture of fitness and nutrition.

The reality is, I’m just like you and I soon realized that I could have more impact on your life if I were 100% transparent and shared my own struggles.

mōtus is more than just exercise.  The word movement has dual meaning.

For the longest time you’ve been told fitness needs to be hard, it needs to hurt and you need to be exhausted… daily.

You’ve been coaxed to believe certain foods are bad and should be avoided, nutrition needs to be restrictive, we need to feel deprived.

I feel like it’s time to draw a line in the sand.

mōtus is a way of approaching fitness that bucks the current norms, because I have found a simpler more balanced way.

Fitness and nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact over complication is the reason you’ve failed in the past.

Fitness and nutrition are not an “all or nothing” endeavor.

Fatigue does not equal results, it just makes you more tired.  Fitness should make you feel better, it should energize you, aren’t you tired enough already?

Eating healthfully is not restrictive, bland tasting or expensive.  The opposite is true, eating healthfully can be quite delicious with an almost unlimited number of options.

Instead, by focusing on progress not perfection, on consistency over intensity is the true way to finally the results you’ve been unable to achieve so far.

Through my research I stumbled on the components of mōtus for me, for my goals.

But, I've created mōtus for you, so you can achieve yours.

mōtus is The New Movement In Fitness.